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ThursdayNew YorkCompiled by NTRA CommunicationsAll times EDTOWNER OF CASINO DRIVE DONATES 30K TO BELMONT CHILD CARE ASSOCIATIONHidetoshi Yamamoto, owner of unlucky Belmont Stakes hopeful Casino Drive, has donated $30,000 to The Belmont Child Care Association's (``BCCA'') Anna House. After visiting Anna House during his trip to New York, Yamamoto was so impressed by the early childhood education program that the BCCA was providing for the children of the backstretch workers that he decided to make his donation. According to a spokesman for the Japanese owner, Mr. Yamamoto believes that anyone can do anything for anybody, and he hopes others in the industry will follow his example and also donate to Anna House. ``This gives us the meaning of our journey to New York,'' said Yamamoto.Casino Drive, a half-brother to 2006 Belmont Stakes winner Jazil and a three-quarter brother to 2007 Belmont winner Rags to Riches, had a chance to be the third consecutive foal of the Deputy Minister mare Bet...
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